Friday, June 20, 2008

Lives in Sports

Told y'all I wouldn't be doing daily (or maybe even weekly) updates over here. And of course, I'm a day late and a dollar short for Father's Day, but if you have sports fans in your life, you should check these out:

By Whitey Ford and Phil Pepe


By John Feinstein and Red Auerbach

My home is full of books. Books that I've read, books that Mr. Hot has read or is going to read. But there aren't many books that we both read.

  • He reads fiction rarely.
  • He loves political shit. He's read nearly everything about Reagan, Bush, Nixon, the Iran Contra debacle. I can't stand those books. And since I'm usually subjected to a running commentary the entire time he's reading them, I don't really have to.
  • I tend to read "lightly". Don't misunderstand. I read some really good, thought-provoking books, but I read fast. And if the story is just "so so", then I skim. And except for books that really touch me, I don't dwell on them - nor do I remember specific quotes months later. He does.
We both, though, love biographies and autobiographies. When he suggested that I read these two books, I was hesitant, because, y'know, as much as I love sports - (I really do) - the Yankees? The Celtics?

They're the enemy. I'm a Detroit girl.

Whitey Ford played for the Yankees in the 50s and 60s. A Hall of Fame, left-handed pitcher, he hung around with Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle. The heyday of Yankee baseball are recounted in Ford's own words, 20 years after his retirement. Ford spends more time talking about baseball than Mickey Mantle's book (which I haven't read but understand is full of the antics of the "Unholy Trio" - partying hard)

Red Auerbach was the legendary Boston Celtics Coach and President. Every Tuesday he gathers an eclectic group of friends for lunch at a Chinese restaurant in D.C. - and tells stories. These stories and memories make the basis for this book.

Both books are great reads whether you're a Yankees/Celtics fan or not. A love of sports? Interest in the differences between today's mega-millionaire athletes and yesterday's heroes? I'd suggest you start here.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect timing - I need a birthday present for a certified baseball nut.

Ree said...

Hi Wren! Excellent. They're both really good books.